Boumy in the house
Januar 30, 2018
Patience is what we need….
März 4, 2018

Exciting times to come..

Dutch is my mother tongue and at home we speak Swiss-German. I can write in German, but getting my feelings across is just something very difficult. Juggling with all these different languages continues to be a challenge. Therefor I have decided to continue my BLOG in English.
There are some existing times coming as next to this amazing website I will do some consultancy project work in the area of my old profession. I am very exited to combine all my passions, but am also curious how it will work in my daily life.
As a family we did it all, working both 100% with small kids and me working part-time. The first was not a success, the second was already much better. Lets see how this new challenge will be. As long as you do things you love, we can manage it all!
As a pre-work to the busy time to come I have invested extra time in re-stocking, the deliveries should come within 2 weeks and I have been ordering for the summer. The first amazing shoes are coming in April, I will start selling a new clothing label and more fun decoration items for the kids-room will come soon. Posters, leather details, fun for the girls room and boys room, or maybe mommy`s room? The fun-factor can be anywhere. Stay tuned for new deliveries!