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März 4, 2018
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April 26, 2018

Oh what a treat!

Kids birthday parties are so much fun, but also a lot of organizing.
One of the highlights for toddlers and kids is to bring a treat to daycare or school. Here are some ideas for a fantastic celebration.
Step 1: pick a theme that your child loves; e.g. bears, robots, unicorns, superheroes
Step 2: think of a treat that is easy to prepare the evening before (nobody likes to get up at 5.00 am). It can be something sweet, like cupcakes, wholegrain biscuits, something already prepared as popcorn or whatever is your kids’ favorite!
Step 2: fill little paper or plastic bags with the treat and decorate the bags with the fun stickers of SuzyB. You can find them here in the webshop .

It is also fun to use the stickers for goodie bags to hand out on the birthday party itself. On the 4th Birthday party of my son, I filled the bags with some popcorn and a little box of chocolates. These are 2 of my son his favorites. We were not going for the healthy variation at that time 😉

You can also put the stickers on plastic bottles and fill them up with a delicious smoothie or homemade apple juice and hand them out at the birthday party.
If you have stickers left you can put them on balloons for decoration.
Did you think of balloons already? Here are some great party balloons you can find in the webshop.